Academic needs vary from one student to another. At LCS our goal is to help each student learn in the best possible way. Sometimes those needs require extra work with dedicated staff. The Breakthrough department works with students from grades 2-12 to give them the study skills they need to be successful in school and after school. Breakthrough teachers are trained in the Barton Reading and Spelling program and work to create individualized education plans for individual students.
Legacy School Breakthrough Program


LCS uses a collection of carefully-sourced, Christian curriculum that is academically rigorous.

Current Core Curriculum

Abeka Math and Bob Jones University Press for upper-level advanced math classes.

Abeka and Bob Jones University Press

Abeka and Bob Jones University Press

Abeka, Bob Jones University Press, Faith Builders Living Threads, and Faith Builders Weavings

Extra Curricular/ Electives

LCS students may participate in several extracurricular and elective opportunities.

Bible Quizzing
Students in grades 5-12 may participate in Bible quizzing. LCS participates with other local schools in the Ohio Valley Bible Quizzing Association. The quizzing league meets for 3 contests and 1 weekend-long finals event in the spring.

Recess & Physical Education
All students participate in daily recesses or physical education classes. Students in middle and high school will learn to play coed sports such as soccer and volleyball. Physical education classes in grades 7-12 are generally focus on fitness training along with sports such as volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

High School Electives
High school students are required to take one elective class during each year of their high school career. Electives vary each year depending on student interest and teacher availability. Elective options usually include:

  • Vocal training
  • Choral Ensemble
  • Spanish
  • Art
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Creative Writing
  • Student Teaching
  • Media Team
  • Bible Quizzing


Choral singing and music appreciation are key components of the academic program at LCS. All students from Kindergarten through 12th grade participate in a choir. All choirs are led by trained, passionate music teachers. High school students have the opportunity to train and perform in smaller, rigorous, music-based classes such as Voice Training and Choral Ensemble. LCS students perform an annual Christmas and spring concert each year. Each April, LCS hosts a choir fest for Anabaptist high school students.

Spiritual Development

The overarching goal at LCS is to equip and inspire students to impact the world for Christ. Bible classes and Bible memorization are a key part of meeting that goal. All students memorize a passage each week, and engage in a daily devotional or Bible class. An all-school chapel is held each Monday and Friday morning. Bible classes are taught 2-3 times per week in every grade. Many of these classes are taught by Bible teachers and pastors. The classes in elementary and middle school teach the students primarily about the Bible and the key characters of the Bible. High school Bible classes focus on the Christian life and how to be citizens of God’s kingdom here on earth. These classes include Biblical surveys, Theology, Worldviews, and Apologetics classes.